Human Beings are social animals. The kind of relationships you form with others affects your wellness.

Focusing on building healthy, nurturing, and supportive connections with those around you can help you a lot during life’s ups and downs. Social Wellness refers to how you are effectively able to manage and foster meaningful relations with the people around you.

Conscious efforts are important to successfully balance your social side with your personal and professional lives. It also requires you to effectively handle and manage the unique needs of your partner while keeping others in your social circle feeling important.


A socially competent individual is not only confident, but is also far happier than those who struggle with this very basic human skill. While it may sound very fundamental, developing the right skill set that allows you to make meaningful connections is an important step in building your self-esteem. A supportive social network not only expands your horizon but also enables you to develop effective communication skill. Keeping these as our pillars, we at Sattva Nation help you navigate with success the path to developing positive social etiquettes. Presence of social wellness leads to emotional resilience.

Sattva Nation has designed the following program that helps in attaining the aforementioned-

  • Beneficial Social Networking
  • Marathons
  • Community Workshops
  • Building Supportive Intimate Network

Since each individual is unique, Sattva nation believes in creating custom plans tailored to suit your needs specifically. Programs may include residential workshops and/or weekly classes in person or online.

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