While everyone is busy running the rat race, what often gets overlooked is the compatibility factor. What do you enjoy doing the most? What does your aptitude suggest? How do you navigate the everyday fire fighting that arises at work?

Sattva Nation’s Occupational Wellness inspires you to prepare for a profession that will most likely bring to you personal satisfaction and enrichment. This program aims at recognizing the importance of satisfaction, enrichment, and meaning through work, rather than being stuck in a job, which is only a means to an end. It also helps you gain a better understanding of how you can successfully navigate the intricate professional network while still standing up for what you believe in. Occupational Wellness helps you drive a healthy work-life balance, the lack of which most often leads to problems of various natures.


The first step in attaining occupational Wellness is identifying which field works best for you. A profession where your strengths are being highlighted is key in choosing an optimum career.

The nest goal at Sattva Nation’s Occupational Wellness is learning how to effectively manage workplace conflicts. In an era where work makes up for the better part of your day, learning skills that enable you to effectively communicate your thoughts without being dismissive of others is seen as a key leadership trait.

It is imperative for a healthy life that you feel competent and heard at your workplace. Through the following programs, Sattva Nation helps you achieve Occupational Wellness-

  • Career Counselling
  • Social Etiquettes
  • Corporate Skill Development
  • Effective Communication Building
  • How To Create Healthy Work Environment

Since each individual is unique, Sattva nation believes in creating custom plans tailored to suit your needs specifically. Programs may include residential workshops and/or weekly classes in person or online.

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