Emotional well being is about taking care of your needs and developing emotional strength and resilience. Emotional Wellness inspires you to relax, meditate, and participate in habits that reduce stress. While there are many emotions that humans experience, it is important that attention be paid to both the positive and the negative ones. Understanding the effect of the same and being able to successfully handle these helps in maintaining a state of wellness. This further allows us to grow as an individual and also encourages autonomy and proper decision making skills. Emotional Wellness encourages one to actively take care of other aspects of life.


Acceptance of your feelings is the first step in being emotionally happy. Gaining an understanding of why you feel what you feel follows the above. These two factors assist you in responding the right way to different situations. Emotional Wellness empowers you to correctly and promptly express your feelings without hurting yourself or others in the process.

The Route to Sattva Nation’s Emotional Wellness

  • Stay positive, always.
  • Seek or accept help and support from others when needed.
  • Show gratitude to strengthen the bond with your family and friends.
  • Practice being mindful and increase your awareness. This can be done through various forms of meditation.
  • Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Instead, think of them as a learning experience. Admit when you are wrong.
  • Practice humility.
  • Become aware of the other wellness dimensions.

Sattva Nation’s Emotional Wellness Programs Include –

  • Mental Health Workshop
  • Anger And Stress Management
  • Communication And Relationship Management
  • Body Image Workshop

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