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Sattva is

Purity & Wisdom

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Sattva Nation


who we are

A first of its kind Holistic Wellness Festival in India that not only celebrates life but helps be the best of you!

  • Sattva represents purity, wholesomeness, and virtue. It is one of three gunas, or attributes, that all human beings possess. “ Everybody has sattva in them. It’s a human quality.“
  • We help individuals balance Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Financial Wellness.
  • Taking on the challenges of the modern life, we are a community that helps you attain a wellness balance between your professional and personal life.

Sattva Nation helps you dream big. Break free from your cocoon and spread your wings. The journey to Wellness is exciting! And the rewards? Totally worth it! Let your journey be your reward.


What We Do

A common platform where various kinds of wellness experts focus on a holistic means to wellness.

We help individuals raise their own bars and become the best of them. A never seen before 8 dimension wellness approach bringing together the best in the industry, all so you can learn from the best. Sattva Nation is India’s biggest wellness festival.

Our Wellness Experts

Bringing together the best in the industry, Sattva Nation believes in practical learning. Hear and learn from pioneers of their fields about how you too can do and be everything you want.



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